About Monique…

Monique has supported Executives, Business Owners and Leaders with people strategies for almost 3 decades in corporate, consultant and coaching roles. Never known as a traditional HR type,  Monique has gravitated to ‘outside the box’ business assignments and projects requiring unique handling.  While the depth and breadth of her professional training and experience validates her capabilities, she contends her  real value has been in her entrepreneurial energy and business sense and her ability to develop the same in others.

Director Human Resources – Worked in the largest blue chip companies in the world on High profile projects: Inclusive of but not limited to: Implementation and roll out of major restructures involving media relations, chief negotiator for pivotal labour negotiations and corporate litigation matters, lead mass downsizing projects  and merger & acquisitions,  lead organizational change management initiatives, corporate succession planning and family business succession planning projects.

Consultant – For more than a decade, founded and successfully ran her own Human Resources Consulting firm (HR Express Inc.) aimed at businesses without an HR practitioner and worked with over 100 small – midsize organizations in Canada & USA. She has also led the creation of interactive websites and was awarded funding for the development of an online HR Assessment Tool (The HR Report Card) to provide small businesses with human resource fundamentals. Monique has never advertised and grew her practice through only “word of mouth”; ‘they’d come to me for tactics but stay with me for strategy and coaching’

Thought Leadership – Monique has led group training workshops for business owners (6 month format) requiring people strategies to grow their businesses.   She has also instructed university & college level certification courses, developed and conducted online webinars with international reach. Often known for her comedic “outlook” in HR areas and for simplifying the sometimes complicated world of HR, she’s been invited to speak at conferences and seminars regarding workplace culture and general leadership topics. She has also written for a weekly column in a Provincial Newspaper covering workplace and leadership topics.

Education/Certifications Monique holds an undergraduate degree (BA) from Saint Thomas University, Master’s Degree in Psychology (MSc) from Dalhousie University, is a Certified Professional in Human Resources Professional (CPHR), a member of Human Resources Association(HRANB) and is a Certified Coach (EMCC).





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