From me to you….



 Monique Brennan BA MSc, CPHR, Certified Coach (EMCC) 

Hi everyone!  

Welcome to my website and blog where I offer my own kind of insight into why we do the things we do  that I enjoy sharing through writing and coaching.  

My unique offering is a third of research, a third from stories as a human resources gal,  a therapist for anxiety & depression, a consultant for culture improvement for businesses of all sizes and as an executive/life coach.

Another third comes from the inspiration you will get from me; not because I’m perfect but telling you how I’ve overcome (or haven’t) overcome my imperfections.

And finally, I like to offer this up without psycho-babble and corporate lingo but instead deliver with a dollop of my style of humour to make it more fun for me to write and more easy for you to digest….